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Reasons to love this crazy world

When I first decided to start my blog 'Love Life' the world was, what can I say....'normal'. I had plans to use my blog to share my life with you and then bam, 'The Virus' appeared. This was not what I envisaged when I thought of the idea, or of the title in January.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused such a massive amount of uncertainty and confusion that the majority of people don't know what on earth they are doing any longer. Lives have been turned upside down, we are being asked to socially isolate, keep our distance, stay away from friends and family, work from home, not work at all, go out only when necessary. All the freedom that we once took for granted, taken away from us overnight. 

But, and I will start with a but, there are positives to life as it is at present. Not for everyone granted, but let's face it you can either bury your head in your hands and weep or say to yourself, hey it's not the best, but I need to love life for what it is. I, like many others, thought, now life has gone downhill but then I decided to think about the positives that have come out of it.

Community spirit has grown. How many of us didn't know our neighbours, but now most people are looking out for others, volunteering for those self isolating, supporting the vulnerable in our communities.

Families who didn't speak for weeks or months on end are suddenly picking up the phone to check in, to skype loved ones, to make sure that they are well and lend a helping hand as needed.

Nature is starting to heal from the countless emissions that countries were pouring into the sky. Animals are starting to wander into the cities, the canals in Venice are running clear, the smog has gone, the air is cleaner.

We are all having to make do with what we have as many of the shops are closed. As a whole we were a throw away society and now we are having to think twice before we throw things away. We are reusing what would usually end up in the trash.

Children are able to spend more time with their parents, quality time, rather than the odd hour fitted in around work commitments. They will have memories of how their parents spent time with them, keeping them occupied and happy.

Working from home, if this is the case, can provide us with the extra time that we didn't have when we had to commute.

Our homes are probably the cleanest they have been and gardens organised ready for summer.

How many of us appreciate the time we can go out and exercise, walk the dog, stroll or jog. Some people never really bothered to go out at all until they couldn't.

Last but not least we have come to recognise the workers that really do matter. Not the celebrities but the people who are working hard to keep us safe and well and to make sure that key industries keep going. The people who we don't think about until we need them. The NHS staff, carers, distribution workers, shop staff, bin men, postal workers to name but a few. They are the real heroes.

Life is difficult at present and very sadly we may lose loved ones but there are some things to be grateful for and when it is all over and we are back to 'normal'. We need to remember that there were some positives to take forward into our lives.

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