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Morning walk benefits

There is nothing better than getting up and starting the day with an early morning walk. I was brought up on a farm so early mornings were the norm and my body clock has never changed. So after a quick cuppa I'm up and out with my four legged sidekick Minnie

We are lucky to live in a village surrounded by woodlands, fields and waterways with numerous paths and trails to explore so we have plenty different options, or scents in Minnie's case, to follow.

hat I love most is the peace and quiet of going out early. The world is just waking up and everything feels new and fresh.

There are plenty of benefits for getting out and going for a walk, as i have found.

Walking makes you feel great. If you are feeling anxious or depressed, just taking in

the sights, sounds and scents of nature is a real mood booster. Stress just floats away.

Being around nature is calming and a great place to meditate.

If you are feeling wound up and stressed after a day at work, taking yourself for a walk

can help the days stress melt away and improve sleep.

Oxygen flow increases and any tiredness will ebb away. If I've had a late night and feel

sluggish there is nothing better to make me feel invigorated and ready to face the day.

It is said that 30 minutes of walking each day can reduce the risk of chronic conditions

and boost your immune system. I have Crohns and i feel that it really helps me.

Walking boosts your metabolism, helping to burn fat and with weight loss.

Use your walk to give yourself space to think. It's something that we all need when life

is whirring around us. Walking provides time to think about goals, come to solutions,

sort out problems in your head.

Walking can help to alleviate joint pain. I can vouch for this as i often wake in a morning

feeling as though my joints need oiling. By the time i return home from a walk i feel like

a spring chicken.

Walking in the sunshine will boost levels of Vitamin D which is known to have numerous

health benefits. Do be careful that you don't get burnt on hot days or if outside too long.

It is great for toning leg and abdominal muscles. Where i walk it can be quite hilly which

really helps to improve muscle tone.

On a final point research has also found that walking regularly can help people live

healthier, longer lives. A pretty good incentive in itself.

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